Bar Stools

Metal, Padded, Black
Metal, Padded, Black with Chrome foot ring
Musician Stool, Metal leg, wood top, adjustable legs
Wood, Padded Black with back
Wood, Non padded, Black

Direct Box

Avalon U5 US
Markbass Super Pro DI Box Bass Pedal
Radial J48 Active Phantom


Chrome 20”
Honeywell 10” Angle Fan
Stanley High Velocity Blower
Vornado 293HD
Vornado 7” Oscillating
Vornado 10”
Vornado 12”

In Ear Monitors

Sennheiser G2
Sennheiser G3
Shure PSM900


Sandbags 5 lbs
Sandbags 15 lbs
Sandbags 25 lbs


Phillmore ST-500 220v 500w
Powerbright 500 220v 500w
Powerbright 1000 220v 1000w
Powerbright Power Strip Universal 220v Surge Protector 6 Way
VCP Surge Protector Universal 220v 6 Way

macbookMiscellaneous Accessories

Alesis ADAT HD24
Apple Macbook Pro with Pro Tools
Clearsonic Horn Shield Flector 8 Monitor Disk
Digidesign Digi003 Rack
Drum Rugs
Furman Power Conditioner PM8
Gaffers Tape
LCD Monitor Display
Littlites Black Goose Neck
Rugs Oriental Style 8×10
Samson S Amp Headphone Amplifier
Sony MDR-7506 Professional Headphones
Tascam 1/8’ Reel-to-Reel 2-Channel Recorder