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bass jazzAcoustic Bass

Takamine EG512C 4 String

Double Bass/Upright

Kay 3/4 1930’s
Shen 3/4 Carved Top Flat Willow Back
Shen 3/4 Carved Round Back
Old English Circa 1825

Electric Bass 4 String

Fender Jazz American Elite Ebony
Fender Jazz ’08 Standard Passive Black
Fender Jazz ’96 50th Anniversary Passive Black
Fender Precision American Elite Maple
Fender Precision ’62 Re-issue Passive 3 Color Sunburst
Fender Precision Passive USA w/Rosewood Neck 3 Color Sunburst
Fender Precision Passive Black with Maple Neck
Fender Precision ’02 Standard Passive Black w/Rosewood Neck
Fender Jazz “Lefty” Standard Brown Sunburst

bass kayElectric Bass 5 String

Fender Jazz 5 String American Deluxe Blonde
Fender Precision 5 String Rosewood Fretboard
Yamaha 5 String BBG5S Active White


Scott Cao Carved


Bow Quiver
Carlsson Swedish Bass Rosin
French Bow
German Bow
Ingles Ultra Bass/Cello Stand
Strap Locks

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