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Clearsonic Drum Shield A5-6 5.5’ tall, 2’ wide each panel, 6 panels
Clearsonic Drum Shield A5.5, 5.5’ x 10’ 5 section clear
Cloth Drum Set Cover
ddrum DRT Kick Drum Trigger
ddrum Red Shot Triggers
Drum Tech F.A.T. Foot action trigger pedal
DW Dog Bone DWSM776
Gibraltar X Hat
Gibraltar Accessory Clamp SCSUGC Universal
Gibraltar Straight Rack
Latin Percussion Cowbell Mount – Kick Drum
Latin Percussion Gajate Bracket 388N
Meinl Cowbell Mount – Kick Drum
Moon Gel
Multi Clamp Hardware Stability Clamp
Pearl Drum Rack DR-503C
Pearl Cymbal Holder CH70
Pearl AX-28 Adaptor
Pearl AX-25L Revolving Multiclamp
Pro Mark SD200 Stick Depot
Remo Muff’l Rings
Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger
Roland SPD-SX Electronic Sampling Pad
Roland SPD-S Electronic Sampling Pad
Roland PDS-10 Stands
Roland Handsonic HPD-15
Roland Handsonic HPD-20
Roland KD-7 Kick Trigger
Roland KD-7 Custom Beater
Roland PD-5 V Drum pad
Roland PD-7 V Drum pad
Roland PD-8 V Drum pad
Roland KD9 Kick Pad
Roland BT-1 Bar Triiger Pad
Sound Percussion Drum Mutes sizes – 10,12,13,14,16
Sound Blankets
Tama X Hat MXA73
Tama Hi-Hat Clamp MHA623
Tama Tom Clamp MC69
Tama Tom Mount Double MTH905N
Tama Universal Clamp MC67
Tama Rhythm Watch RW105
Vater Clamping Stick Holder
Yamaha DTX-M12 Multi Digital Percussion Pad
Yamaha Subkick SKRM100
L Rod Cymbal Accessory Clamp
Z Rod Cymbal Accessory Clamp

Drum Heads & Sticks

-Various types and sizes-
Vic Firth

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