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Drum HardwareKick Drum Pedals

DW 9000 Series Dual Chain
DW 9000 Series Dual Chain Double Pedal
DW 7000 Series Single Chain
DW 5000 Series Dual Chain
DW 5000 Series Dual Chain Double Pedal
DW 5000 Series Single Chain
DW 4000 Series Single Chain
Gibraltar Lever Glide Double Pedal
Gibraltar Stealth G Drive Single Pedal
Ludwig Speed King L201
Ludwig Dual Chain
Ludwig Single Chain
Ludwig Atlas Pro Single Kick Pedal LAP15FP
Mapex Falcon PF1000
Pearl Eliminator P2000-C
Pearl Eliminator 2002-C Double Pedal
Pearl Single Eliminator Demom Chain Drive P-3000L
Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide HP900P
Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide HP900PTW Double Pedal
Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide HP900RSWN Double Pedal
Tama Speed Cobra HP901LSW Double Pedal
Tama Double Kick Iron Cobra HP910LSW
Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide HP900 RWN
Tama Iron Cobra HP900RN
Taye Single Chain
Yamaha Chain Drive FP9500C
Yamaha Direct Drive FP9500D
Yamaha DFP9310 Double Pedal


DW 9000 Series 2 leg
DW 9000 Series 3 leg
DW 5500 Series 2 leg
DW 5000 Series 2 leg
DW 5000 Series 3 leg
DW 6000 Ultralight Series 3 Leg
DW Remote Hihat 9502LB with whip 10’ version
DW Hi-hat Clutch System SWSM505 Drop-Lock
Gibraltar Direct Drive 9707TP-DP 3 leg
Ludwig Atlas Pro LAP16HH
Ludwig 3 leg Vintage
Pearl Eliminator H-2000C 2 leg
Mapex Falcon HF1000 2 Leg
Tama Lever Glide HH905N 2 leg
Tama X Hat MXA73
Taye 3 leg
Yamaha HS950 3 leg
Yamaha HS1200T 2 leg
Yamaha 850 3 leg
Yamaha 840 3 leg
Yamaha 740 3 leg

Cymbal Stands

DW 9000 Series DWCP9700
DW 5700 Series
DW 6700 Series Flush Base
Gibraltar 6709 Double Brace
Ludwig Straight Stand Vintage
Ludwig Atlas Pro LAP37BC3
Pearl B-1000
Pearl BC-1030
Tama Roadpro HTC77WN Combo Stand
Yamaha Short Boom Arm CH750
Yamaha CS965
Yamaha CS865
Yamaha CS850

Snare Stands

DW 6000 Ultralight Series
DW Concert Stand 3300
Gibraltar Ultra Adjust
Gibraltar 9606 Ultra Adjust
Ludwig Concert LM923SSC
Ludwig Atlas Pro LAP22SS
Mapex Falcon SF1000DW 9000 Series
Pearl Gyrolock
Pearl Concert S-930 Standing
Percussion Plus
Tama Road Pro Series
Tama HS80LOW
Tama HS80W Roadpro Series
Yamaha SS840
Yamaha SS740A
Yamaha SS-950 Ball & Socket
Yamaha SS850


DW 9100 Standard Round
DW 9000 Airlift Hydraulic Round
DW Tractor DWCP3120
DW Lowboy
DW Throne Plus Butt Thumper
Gibraltar Tractor Seat
Gibraltar Hydraulic Tractor Seat
Gibraltar 9608HM Hydraulic Moto Style
Mapex T775 Saddle Top 4 Leg
Roc & Soc Nitro Red Throne
Porter & Davies BC2RM Round
Pearl Throne Thumper THMP1
Pearl Roadster D1000SPN
Pork Pie Round
Roc & Soc Tractor Seat Original
Roc & Soc Nitro Hydraulic
Sound Percussion Round
Tama 1st Chair Round HT630C
Tama 1st Chair Tractor Ergo Rider Hydraulix HT750
Yamaha Bench Style DS950U
Yamaha Round DS-840U

Rack Tom Stands & Mounts


Drum Rugs

Drum Workshop
Road Runner

Drum Monitors

Porter Davies BC2 Round
Porter Davies BC2 Saddle
Porter Davies BC2RM Amplifier
QSC GX7 Power Amplifier
Pearl THMP-1 Throne & Amplifier

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